Thursday, January 19, 2012

Housewarming Gift

This is me and my fabulous friend, Stephanie.

Steph recently purchased her first house, which is exciting stuff!  Some of her friends hadn’t had an opportunity to see it yet, so she decided to host a ladies' luncheon / mini housewarming party.

I wanted to bring Stephanie a housewarming gift, but with my Stopping Spree in full effect, I couldn’t go my usual candle, lotion, or cookbook route.  So, I bonded with my craft room to make her something instead.  Here is the simple and FREE housewarming gift I created.

First, I whipped up this card.
Nothing fancy - just paper products, buttons, and a sticker that reads “home.”

Since I was already in the paper zone (haha), I decided to make Steph a set of all-occasion gift tags.  Everyone can always use extra tags for gifts, right?

For the tags, I cut some brown cardstock into rectangles.  To embellish them, I elected to go with KI Memory products, mostly because I have a lot of old KI stuff.  Like a really lot. 
All four of those accordion album have KI products in them, each pocket organized by theme.
Digging through my options, I found a set of KI cut-outs that had greetings printed on them.  Yes!  Then I just used scrap paper to make a small border, affixed a cut-out, and punched a hole at the top.  On a few of the tags, I added a KI item called “candy” (basically an acrylic embellishment).

When I had made six tags, I delved into my ribbon box to finish them off.  Behold the ribbon-y goodness:
Yeah, I was pretty sure that I would be able to find ribbon in complementary colors.

At the top of the tag, I strung some ribbon through the hole punch, leaving it untied.  That way, Steph can tie the tag to a gift when she uses them.

In the end, this is what the tag set looked like.
Here are few tags up close:
I have a few random tins/containers.  I can't remember what originally came in this round tin, but I probably thought, “I'd better save this tin.  I could use it again.”…and then never did.  But, look!  I’m actually using it again! 

I put all the tags inside.  Later, I tied it up with a ribbon.
Cute - and appreciated (at least judged by Stephanie’s enthusiastic response).

Steph’s luncheon was a delight.  She invited a small mix of friends and family.

Teaching friends:
(Steph, me, Julie, and Rebekah)

College friends:
(Jessi, Krissie, Sarah, Steph, and Erin)

(Megan, Teresa, Steph, and Lindsay)

Steph has a panini press.  For lunch, we each got to customize our own sandwiches.  She set out different sandwich fillers, like ham, turkey, cheese, basil, peppers, lettuce, etc.  It was such a clever idea because everyone got exactly what they wanted.   

Here is Steph, working the press.
Check out the scrumptious spread.

We had fun devouring sandwiches, gossiping about favorite shows on Bravo, and eating an entire bowl of peanut M&Ms for dessert.  It was also a chance to formally congratulate Rebekah, who is expecting another baby girl in May!
(Me, Rebekah, and Julie)
Stephanie is one of my best friends, and I appreciate our friendship so much.  I hope that the luncheon was just one of many future gatherings in her new home! 


  1. This is my favorite post yet. :) In fact, I took a pic of it for my PL. :)

  2. Had a great time that day! I guess maybe I do look pregnant and not just fat. :-P