Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night Surprises

Remember that co-worker of my husband’s who asked me to review her National Board entry a few weeks ago?  Remember how she kindly gave me a Starbucks gift card to compensate my time and assistance? 

Well, that co-worker's name is Manar…and she’s back! I confess, I’ve never been happier to edit a paper in my life. Manar’s generosity is unmatched. This afternoon she sent my husband home with a goodie bag for me. The contents?

- 2 packages of adorable glass candleholders. It’s hard to see them here, but I’m going to try to use them in my spring d├ęcor, so hopefully you’ll see them up close and personal.
- A bar of lemon-scented soap (someone’s been reading my blog and taking notes!)
- A gift card to the Home Depot!
- And a gift card to Trader Joe’s!
Plus, they were all wrapped up with cute tissue paper, in a Banana Republic bag.  This is a woman after my own heart.

(Oh, yeah.  I forgot that the goodie bag also included two more National Board entries for me to revise, but who wants to focus on that when I have NEW SOAP to write about?!)

Please know that I don’t share this information to brag about my blessings.  After all, Manar is a modest person, who is probably blushing about the fact that I'm even mentioning her altruism.  But I want to be transparent about any gifts I receive.  That way, when I come home with a new pendant lamp from Home Depot, you don’t think I fell off the Stopping Spree wagon!  (Although if I'm going to fall off the wagon, it's going to be for something far more exciting than a light fixture...)

One thing has become abundantly clear:  I’m trafficking in gift cards these days.  It is truly the perfect solution for my money-saving mission.  Anyone else need a paper edited?  A closet cleaned?  A fireplace mantel decorated?  A box of photos organized?  A garden planted?  You know where to find me - and now you know exactly how to thank me.

And now, I must attend to a few National Board entries...
(P.S. Manar, thanks a million!  I've already glanced at your two entries and they look great, but I promise to provide ample feedback/suggestions to help you with the process.)


  1. I have NB papers for you to edit, Kate! :)

    1. @Amy - Sounds good. It'll time out well with our HSPE testing time!