Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Want-It Wednesday: Spring Fossil Finds

I'm fond of the Fossil brand.  It has all the traits I admire in apparel: girly, vintage, charming.  I’ve never been an H&M girl because I’ve never been into edgy.  I can’t imagine wearing a jacket with spikes or leather pants or those black booties that lace all the way up.  It would be laughable because it just isn’t me.  Instead I gravitate to looks that I would call “classic.” (Nina Garcia would call them “safe.”  I would definitely bore Nina.)

Let’s take a look at Fossil’s new spring line. 
Check out these watches:



(Sorry for all the different sized photos.  The image I wanted to use was from the Fossil catalog and it had all the watches lined up in gorgeous rainbow order.  But I couldn't seem to get the image to copy to my site.  So instead, I had to copy/paste all the options separately...kind of annoying!)

OK, so I love these watches in a million ways.  They’re dressy, but also casual.  I can visualize them with winter sweaters, but also summer tank tops.  My biggest dilemma is deciding whether I’d want the watch in red or turquoise!  Or maybe cobalt!  (I’m glad my Stopping Spree prohibits me from making critical decisions like this.)

Now, Want-It Wednesday was originally supposed to focus on just ONE item that I really wanted, but who am I to limit beauty in the world? 

That said, check out this green polka-dotted bag.

It absolutely sings of spring!  Plus, it would make a great travel bag.

And I can’t forget the shoes.  I especially like this pair in "bone."  It can be difficult to find a pair of white-ish flats to wear with skirts and capris.  I think these from would work well. 

In the Fossil catalog, it suggests you click on their website to see the “entire vintage re-issue collection.”  I think I’d better not! 

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