Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Mountains

Hello, Friday!
On my weekend itinerary:  updated March home decorations, a few craft projects, an overnight house guest, starting my indoor seeds, and RAIN.  Lots of RAIN.
Whenever I complain about Western Washington's incessant rainfall, my husband always grins and says, "It's snowing in the mountains!"  Crystal Mountain Ski Resort is where Brian and Cooper spend every weekend.  Me?  Much to Brian's disappointment, I'm not a skier.  That would require actual athletic ability. 
Luckily, I have my husband well-trained to take pictures, even when I'm not there.  I love looking through the photos from their skiing adventures.  I have to admit, the terrain looks incredible.
Brian and Cooper typically leave the house at the crack of dawn so they can claim "first chair" when the mountain opens.      
Cooper has been skiing since he was three.  At this point, he's capable of skiing almost any run at Crystal Mountain. 
Last weekend, Cooper was feeling especially brave.  There was this ski jump set up (where you land on an air pillow).  Coop did the jump twice! 
Brian has been skiing for almost thirty years now.  It's his biggest passion.  In fact, he volunteers with the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol at least one weekend a month.  It's hard work (and a lot of responsibility), but he gets to patrol with one of his best friends, Kristian.  They have been friends since first grade!
Here are Brian and Kristian, sporting their patrol gear.    
Nope, I don't ski.  But that doesn't mean I'm a total stick in the mud.  Brian can usually talk me into snowshoeing at least once a year.  We tend to go early in the season (like November).

Where else can you take gorgeous pictures like these?  We always hike with our tripod because you just never know... 
Even with a forecast of 10 DAYS OF RAIN (!!!) in our future, I still feel lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.  I gotta say, I think Cooper is pretty happy here, too.   


  1. I love all the pictures. Makes me miss the mountains. I have the ocean for now, though, and it is gorgeous to watch.
    Okay, just a big kudos to Brian for volunteering as a ski patrol. I love the ski patrol at Crystal Mt. It was the ski patrol who got me in a sled and drug my poor body down the mountain to the first aid. I also love the people in the first aid. They were the ones to discover my dislocated elbow and pump me full of morphine. Then they called a helicopter to fly my sorry little self to Madigan hospital. They took great care of me and I am eternally grateful!
    Love you ,Kate! Love your blog. I speak of it often

    1. @Erica - I always forget about your skiing accident. Brian tells me that his worst nightmare (as a patroller) is a broken femur, but a dislocated anything is also bad because the patient is usually delirious with pain. Hmmm...just another reason I don't ski! I'm glad my blog has reconnected us once again. Miss you! XO