Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Pat's Snacks

I like holidays.  There's just something special about getting to celebrate an occasion just once a year.  It makes me appreciative of the natural cycle of the seasons, and it constantly provides me with something to look forward to. 

That said, with our shared custody situation, we don't always get to have Cooper with us during the actual holidays.  It's become normal for us to celebrate Christmas a week late or Easter a week early.  This is the case for St. Patrick's Day.  We won't have Cooper this Saturday - so we packed in a ton of leprechaun fun this past weekend to make up for it. 

You may recall that I had a sky-parting, angels-singing, cherubs-dancing moment the other day.  I was putting away my valentine cake pans, when I realized that I could use them to make a shamrock.
I'm allowed to buy groceries on my Stopping Spree, but I still like to keep things as cheap as possible.  I had a box of Halloween-themed cake mix up in the cabinet.  I figured that I may as well use it up, reasoning that the orange cake "speckles" would be hidden with frosting anyway. 

But when I pulled the mix out of the box, I saw that the "speckles" were really sprinkles!  I could just omit the orange sprinkles, and replace them with green instead!  Eggs, water, oil, and 15 minutes later, I ended up with these. 
Not quite the distinct heart-shaped look I was hoping for, but that was user-error.  I filled the cake pans too full.  Lesson learned.

I tinted white frosting (also already in our cabinet) with green food coloring.
Then I dug through all my cupcake toppings and gel frosting, foraging for all things green.  This was right about when Brian and Cooper started poking their noses around the kitchen, which was fine with me.  I wanted their assistance with decorating the shamrocks.
Here are our family shamrock "leaves."  Just in case you can't instantly tell what each cake says, I'll translate it for you. 
Left - Cooper's cake says "Coo-per."  The symbol at the top is supposed to be a person.  He inexplicably decided his cake needed red sprinkles.
Middle - Brian's cake says "ski pow."  Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because he, too, decided to add red sprinkles.
(Am I the only person who thinks this is strange?)
Right - My cake says "Kate" in cursive.  I also attempted a shamrock shape in frosting gel.  Obviously.

We had a few leftover heart cakes.  I tried to get the boys to help me finish decorating, but alas, they were much more interested in eating at this point.  So I decorated the rest with a simple pattern, like this:
I don't have a huge sweet tooth, but my husband insists that they were delicious. 
The English muffin snacks below are much more my style.  CHEESE!!!  BREAD!!!  And some green peppers.  I can assure you, first-hand, that these were fantastic.

Hungry yet?

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