Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Want-It Wednesday: Stacked Rings

Things are getting rough in the clothing department.  Why?  Because spring is here (at least according to all the catalogs I keep getting) and their is some crazy-cute stuff out there!

Hmm...what do I want right now that I cannot buy:
- a pair of brightly colored melon or aqua skinny jeans
- sandals - soooo many pairs of sandals
- sunglasses with a colored frame - either white or light pink
- bathing suits (!!!!!!!)
- light denim boot cut jeans
- a few long-sleeve, light-weight shirts I can wear with shorts
- every single nail polish color by Butter

But what I'm featuring today is a set of rings from Nordstrom.

Ariella Collection Floral Stack Rings (Set of 5) (Nordstrom Exclusive)            Ariella Collection Floral & Cameo Stack Rings (Set of 5) (Nordstrom Exclusive)   
  Ariella Collection Floral Stack Rings (Set of 5) (Nordstrom Exclusive)          Ariella Collection Double Floral Stack Rings (Set of 5) (Nordstrom Exclusive)
       Ariella Collection Flower & Faux Pearl Stack Rings (Set of 5) (Nordstrom Exclusive)
Here's my dilemma:  I want them ALL!  These ring sets exemplify why I need to be on a Stopping Spree.  I can't choose just one set; I'd have to buy at least two of them - and at $68 a set, that would be ridiculous.

Ideally, what I'd like to do is take about one ring from each collection.  I'd want the small oval aqua one, the light melon cameo one, the bright yellow flower one, the bright coral flower one, and the white pearl one.  Together, those would make the perfect set for me because, to be honest, I'd never wear six rings at once.  Instead, I'd love to have one statement ring from each set to wear.

What do you think?  Which set is your favorite?


  1. They ARE super fact....I'm not on a stopping spree...:-)

  2. why do you torture yourself!!! hahaha!