Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Want-It Wednesday: A Vacation

Slowly, but surely, this week has been improving!

The other day, Brian purchased some songs that I’ve been wanting from iTunes.  I don’t consider myself a die-hard music connoisseur, but it’s amazing how much the new tunes have boosted my overall attitude. 

My favorite?  Too Close” by Alex Clare.  I first heard it on a Microsoft Internet Explorer commercial and it was truly love at first sound.  (And yes, you read that correctly – on a Microsoft commercial.  Watch out, Apple – Microsoft has been taking notes!)  I’ve been listening to this track on repeat for two days straight now.  I’ve also been passionately singing along, pretending that I’m auditioning for The Voice or something…which explains the sore throat I have at the moment.

Want-It Wednesday: A Vacation 
It’s Wednesday, and this means I get to feature something I’m currently coveting.  It should come as no surprise to you (based on my previous post) that I’m showcasing vacation packages.

Groupon is the ultimate temptress.  I recently loaded the app on my phone, and now I find myself checking it all the time.  I’m especially fond of the “getaway” category.  Brian and I gravitate to small resorts (like 20 rooms or less) when possible, and Groupon actually offers many accommodations that fulfill our quest for an intimate setting.

This first Groupon trip that caught my eye was this: 

Brian and I have never been to Belize, and we’re always looking for new pushpins to add to our travel map.  Blackbird Caye provides guests with their own villas, right on the beach!  Plus Brian is passionate about diving, and this location is ranked as one of the best dive locations in the world (with a dive shop right on site).  The reviews are outstanding.  Plus, it definitely looks like the kind of place where it's appropriate to wear your flip-flops and bathing suit to dinner.  I dig that.

This Groupon trip also caught my eye:

Cocos is located in Antigua, yet another place we haven't been.  The resort is more upscale than our usual accommodations, but just look at that water!  I beg of you, click on the link and check out the rooms.  Views to die for, private decks, and outdoor showers in every room!   Like Blackbird Caye, this resort is also comprised of individual villas.  This Groupon deal is now sold out - not surprising considering that the Groupon price was half the cost of a normal stay at Cocos. 

Sadly, as mentioned (at least four times now), we won’t be traveling anywhere for Spring Break.  But I have a list of “dreamy places” that I keep in my phone.  When I’m watching House Hunters International on HGTV and when they feature an exceptionally cool place, I find it handy to type it into my phone for future reference.  Needless to say, I’ve added both Blackbird Caye and Cocos to the “dreamy places” list.  Someday, right?

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