Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?  You know, when I first started this blog, I committed myself to blogging daily.  So when I went to bed Thursday night without blogging, I felt kind of guilty (and maybe even a little naughty!) about neglecting my usual obligation.  And then Friday came and went without blogging... and then Saturday... oops!   My hiatus was unplanned, but it is what it is.  I don't need to beat myself up about a few days of missed posts, right? 

Rest assured that I'm still "on the wagon" in regards to my Stopping Spree!  I've just been crazy-busy. 
So what exactly have I been up to?
1.  Honoring requests in the coupon book I gave my husband. 
This means that I baked him some snickerdoodles this weekend.  These are Brian's favorite cookie, and he's been on a "snickerdoodle-only" diet today.  In fact, I'm pretty sure they're all gone at this point...
2.  Enjoying our SUNNY weather and appreciating our evening sunsets.
Sunshine, if you're reading this, please know I'm madly in love with you!  You're welcome to stick around for a looooong time.  Oh, and you can tell your friend, Rain, that I am completely over him.
3. Squealing with delight over my FREE Shutterfly album! 
My pal, Linda, generously hooked me up with a coupon for a FREE photo book through Shutterfly (up to $30 value).  I decided to make a travel book documenting our family trip to Hawaii a few years ago.  It arrived in the mail last week and I'm really impressed with the quality.  (Thanks, Linda!)

4.  Welcoming Cooper back from Arizona. 
He just spent his Spring Break in Sun City visiting Brian's parents ("Nana" and "Haha").  Coop had a wonderful time - they spoil him rotten when he's down there!  When Brian and I were unpacking his bag last night, he grabbed something and hid it behind his back.  How mysterious!  Later, he shared that he had bought us both presents at a gift shop.  Brian got a Komodo Dragon magnet, and I received this pink butterfly necklace.  Cooper is such a thoughtful young man.  I lucked out big-time in the stepmom department.

5.  Admiring Harmon's new bandanna.
Brian is a die-hard Washington State University alumnus.  When we were at Ocean Shores, we checked out a shop selling collegiate doggie bandannas.  Brian couldn't resist adorning Harmon in Coug gear.

6.  Smelling Good
My friend, Anna, gave me this "plum blossom" scented soap for my birthday.  It comes from Anthropologie (swoon!) and smells incredible.  Normally, I'd hide a soap like this in my bathroom cabinet for years because it's too good to use.  But one of my goals this year is breaking my tendency to "save" favorite things, so Anna's soap is sitting pretty in my soap dish - and I've been using it daily!

7. Hosting a fabulous get-together!       Yesterday afternoon, I had a few of my friends over for a card making party. So much fun - lots of details coming in tomorrow's blog post! 
I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this week.  I have all sorts of new, FREE projects to share with you.  Thank you all for continuing to read my blog! 


  1. Hi Kate. Just wanted to say I love your blog & am encouraged by your nonspending goals! Keep it up! I have tried this for a month but never longer. I so relate to saving things and not using them! Good advice to use and be thankful for gifts rather than stash them for something really special. Life is too short!

    1. @The Weaver Family - Thank you! It's funny how hard it is to FORCE myself to use my "pretty" things! But it's getting easier...

  2. Ummm, I did miss you! I was actually beginning to worry about you and almost sent you a text last night. But, then I thought you might think I was your stalker, so I decided not to. =) Glad you are back!!

    1. @Kelly - Haha! You're an approved "stalker" so you're welcome to text anytime. :) I just got caught up on your blog last night. Sounds like you had a fun (and busy!) Spring Break with the kids!

  3. I save my clothes for a "better" is soooooo dumb!! haha! So glad you are using your amazing soap!

    1. @Bri - Me too! Washing my hands is my new favorite thing because that soap smells divine!

  4. Replies
    1. @it all adds up - Thank, Jenna! I'm feeling crafty...let's find something to make soon. I'll message you about a day next week!